Redistricting Plans

What’s Going On? 

Area 51 – one of 93 areas of the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous (United States/Canada) – currently has 39 districts within the boundaries of North Carolina. There is an effort underway to remap the districts and our District 70 is a major part of these plans. Dividing our district into 2 districts (70 & 72) while combining some parts into other districts. 

Be a part of the change! 

We need groups to offer input about these changes and offer suggestions that we can take back to our General Service Conference. AA works from the bottom up and our district groups should have voice in the changes. Contact the redistricting committee for more information and check the events page for meetings of the committee. 

Current changes to District 70 include:

Moving Mitchell county from district 70 to District 11. Move McDowell County to from District 70 to the restructured District 12. Split the remainder of District 70 (Buncombe, Madison, and Yancey Counties) into two districts, 72 in the north, and 70 in the south. The dividing line from the west is I- 40, then NE on US23, to I-240, to I-40

This version would split Asheville and possibly split groups who may have meetings in two different locations. See Maps below:

Map of proposed changes to District 70


The Ad-Hoc Committee made a recommendation for a different split of District 70 and GSR’s took the proposal back to their groups for a vote. At the District 70 meeting on May 7, 2017 a motion was made to accept the District 70 Ad-Hoc Committee’s recommendation of dividing our District following the boundaries of Buncombe Co; while the remaining counties (with the exception of McDowell Co.) would make up the boundaries of a new District 72. The vote passed.